Modern working in the Business Center Seestern in Düsseldorf. Coworking is still a relatively new way of working and designing workplaces here in Germany. It simply means working together. Specifically, it means that employees from different companies, start-ups, one-person businesses and freelancers can work together in an office while working on their own individual projects and tasks. This kind of working has a lot of benefits.


You take advantage of all the benefits of a complete office, but only pay for the desk(s) you actually use in your work. You don’t usually rent this workstation for the long-term, instead you have the flexibility to only book the times you want. You can start work just as soon as you’ve got your desk. You don’t have to mess around with any cables, or install high-speed internet access, or bother with a telephone system. The Business Center Seestern does it all for you. If you need it, you can take advantage of our technical infrastructure with state-of-the-art equipment or rent a meeting or conference room for your next meeting.

As a coworker, you work on your own tasks. Yet thanks to the contact with your coworkers, valuable synergies can arise or you could even end up developing joint projects. Many coworkers work in the creative sector or with the ‘new media’. Ideally, you’ll also benefit from the skills and experience of your ‘colleagues’ and get some interesting input.

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The coworking spaces in our Business Center Seestern in Düsseldorf provide the ideal working conditions for the self-employed, freelancers, authors and other creative types. Many freelancers who have previously only worked alone from home have come to value the company and input of the other coworkers. It makes it easier to separate work and leisure, and to complete tasks in a more productive way. Coworking spaces are also the perfect solution for fast-growing companies and promising start-ups. You are not tied down to a building and the associated costs. Monthly rent, utilities, renovation and equipment costs mean nothing to coworkers, as you only pay for a workplace when you’ve actually booked one. This makes you wonderfully flexible and is easy on your budget.

Even large companies in the high-tech sector are increasingly turning to cost-effective coworking spaces. Companies from overseas, Southeast Asia, Japan and Europe are opting for these flexible models and booking the perfect spaces for their Düsseldorf employees – as and when they need them. It’s easy to flexibly increase or reduce team numbers. Its excellent transport links and close ties to several nearby hotels (including Novotel, Inside, Mercure, Courtyard by Marriott and the Lindner Hotel) make the Business Center Seestern a great coworking space even for major corporations. Take advantage of the excellent location, boasting proximity to both Düsseldorf city centre and the airport.

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Thanks to increased digitisation, we can now decide for ourselves where and when we want to work. But we need the perfect conditions in order to be truly effective. The coworking spaces in the Business Center Seestern in Düsseldorf provide the ideal conditions for digital nomads, freelancers and companies looking for flexible workspaces for their employees. Rooms fitted with high-quality technology and an appealing atmosphere create a great working environment. You can also read our blog entry Workspace 2030 – what will the work of tomorrow look like?

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